Internship Event Assistant & Community Catalyst

Are you ready for an adventurous job, that never gets boring: new task and new people? Do you love music and dance? Do you value a healthy lifestyle? Are you the kind of person that makes every party better? Do you prosper, when it comes to learning new things, from a concert setup up to promoting an event?

We are 3 Dots Creations , an independent music and arts label based in Zurich with focus on healthy lifestyle and events. ” 7 Vibes Journey ” is our brand new project and a new concept in the music scene. It’s about an experience through seven different states with focus on music, dance and healthy lifestyle. We create music, events, promotion and other art happenings.

• We take care of body and mind
• We create a spherical music journey without toxic substances
• We bring dance back to the club
• We celebrate life with like minded people

To learn more about the project:
This is a paid part-time internship.

The Role
As a crew member of 3 Dots Creations you are part of a creative team aspiring to innovate the concert and party scene. You will be responsible to assist in event management and you will be engaged in community building, hospitality management and offline promotion. In your role you will be supported and trained by an award winning creative director and an experienced humanity plus entrepreneur. We will provide you with a working place in our studio, resources for heart touching digital marketing and skills to create mind-blowing events.

Your Requirements

  • You are a socially engaged person, who loves to learn new skills.
  • Creating and organizing comes easy to you.
  • You have a passion for music, dance and events you’ll never forget.
  • You are fluent in German and English.
  • Flexibility and commitment are important to you.
  • You live a healthy lifestyle.
    Your Benefits
  • Networking in the music, concert and party scene.
  • Gaining event management skills.
  • Invitations to exclusive events.
  • Insights on hands-on experience design.
  • Starting date: immediately / according to arrangement

Work date requirement: necessarily free to work on Tuesday 8th of October

If this sounds like your dream internship and you are serious about your role, then we would love to receive your application at: |

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